Birth Photography FAQ's

What if I go into labor at 2 am? Will you be there?
Yes! I fully anticipate my clients going into labor in the wee hours of the night. I am on call 24/7 for you through the four weeks surrounding your estimated due date. My camera bag is always packed, cell phone charged, gas tank full--ready to go at at all times, at a moments notice!

When do you join your clients in labor?
The first stage of labor is when your cervix dilates (opens up) to 10 cm or "complete". Within this stage there are three phases; early (0-3cm), active (3-7 cm) and transition (7-10cm). I typically will join a first time mom somewhere towards the end of her active labor phase when she is around 6 cm dilated. For moms that are having a second, third or fourth baby I usually arrive much sooner as the body tends to dilate much faster for many. This is something I will discuss more in depth with you when we meet, as it can vary from client to client depending on your birth plan, and/or labor history. 

What is you are sick or are attending another birth when I go into labor?
If I am actively ill, or cannot make it to your birth for reasons outside my control, I will send a backup photographer in my place. I do limit my birth clients to three per month to decreases to chance of overlapping births. To date I have not had this happen! 

What if I am having a planned c-section or end up having an emergency c-section?
If you have a c-section, planned or emergency it is up to your OB, charge nurse and attending anesthesiologist as to whether I would be allowed back into the OR with you. Some hospitals are more likely to accommodate this than others but unfortunately there is no way to clear this ahead of your birth. In the case that I am not allowed in the operating room, I will set up my backup camera and hand it off to willing hands, weather that is your partner or a nurse. I will then wait until I am able to join you in recovery or your postpartum room. If you have family members in the waiting room I will hang with them and capture the story from their side! I have had great success in continuing the story this way. 

What if my baby is born outside of the weeks you're on call?
Every birth story includes four weeks of on call time, 38-42 weeks gestation being the default range. If you have a history of delivering early or late, or medical conditions that may dictate the timeframe of your birth I am happy to adjust the on call period on a case by case basis. If your baby makes their debut early or late, outside of our agreed upon timespan, I will still do everything within my power to be there.. If I am unable to attend or find a suitable backup photographer all fee's paid up until that point are transferred to credit for a session/s of your choosing.

How long will you stay at my birth?
Birth is unpredictable. I do not for this reason have a time limit on to my services up until baby is born. I do not want to add any undue stress to a laboring family feeling like they are on the clock. Following delivery, I will stay with you up to two hours to capture the babies weighing, measuring, first latch and family bonding. If you would like for me to stay longer than two hours, or come back later on to photograph siblings and/or extended family meeting the baby that will be billed additionally. 

I am concerned about sharing this day with a stranger.
For this reason I do like to meet potential clients in person before the big day. It's not a requirement but if you can make the time to meet, I love for you to be able to put a face to a name. I want you to be sure that you will be comfortable inviting me into your birth space and onto your birth team. That being said, I am an observer at your birth, there to seek and capture the moments that tell the story of the day. My goal is to be unobtrusive and sensitive to your needs as you laboring woman. 

 I am worried about "too much" being photographed. 
Your modestly level  is something we will discuss when we meet in person prior to booking. Some of my clients wish to have images shot from the waist, up and over the shoulder only in order to keep any nudity concealed. Others want everything thing documented, crowing and breastfeeding from any and all angles! We will look at examples together and decide where your comfort area lies. 

Will you keep my photographs private?
Absolutely. The only images you see shared on my website and social media accounts, are shared with permission from my clients.

What equipment do you use?
Both my main (Nikon D4) and backup (Nikon D700) cameras, and prime lenses are built to work well in low light environments. My preference is always to shoot with ambient (available) light, though some extreme situations call for a bounced flash (off the ceiling or wall so that it is not direct) to maintain a higher image quality. If you absolutely do not want any flash I am happy to accommodate this request. You can expect in this case for your images to have additional noise (grain). 

How long will it take to receive the images?
Your images and slideshow will be ready for viewing within four weeks. If you purchased a package with an album you can expect up to an additional five weeks for building, proofing and construction & shipping of the product. 

How many images can I expect?
You can expect around 100-200 edited images in your final gallery. This number fluctuates depending on the length of your birth and how you labor. For example a drug-free birth where mom labors in many different positions/various places will have more images than an epidural birth since mom would be confined to her bed in this scenario. 

Will I receive my image in color and B&W?
Some births depending on the lighting and colors are better suited towards one or the other, but I do really love both and typically include a good mix of the two.. If you have a preference I am happy to try and accommodate it as well while editing your images.

Do I need to talk to my doctor to see if he/she will allow a photographer?
Yes, please go ahead and thumbs up from your OB or midwife. Check with your hospital for any photo or video restrictions they may have. A couple hospitals have a L&D room occupancy limit as well, so if you are planning on having lots of support people attend your birth you will want to take this into consideration before adding  another body to the room!

What hospitals and areas do you service?
I am currently attending home and hospital births in and around the Atlanta area, up to 1 hour from zip code 30317. Dekalb Medical Center, Atlanta Medical Center, Emory, Atlanta Birth Center, Piedmont, Kennestone, North Fulton, and Northside are hospitals and birth centers that I frequent. 

I am considering hiring you, what are the steps involved?
Please email me with any preliminary questions you might have and to check my availability for your estimated due date. If I am available the next step would be to set up an in person meeting where we can discus your birth plan, history, shot presences, modestly level and any other questions your may have. Afterwards, if you decide to book the retainer and agreement can be squared away via an online portal.